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Wills & Grants of Probate

Crescent Lawyers specialise in preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney as well as applications for Grants of Probate.

A Will is one of the single most important documents you can prepare in your lifetime. After working hard to build your assets, preparing a valid Will is critical to ensuring that your assets and personal belongings will be distributed in accordance with your wishes following your death. It can also help to avoid your loved ones having to deal with costly and stressful legal disputes.

It is important before drafting your Will to gain a good understanding of your circumstances, assets, superannuation including self-managed funds, family trusts, guardianship issues and funeral arrangements.

Assets can be held personally, jointly or in a trust, superannuation fund or company and therefore we will properly consider your circumstances before providing advice about the most practical, tax-effective and flexible options for you.

We will help you to prepare a Will which meets all formal requirements of the Wills Act 1936 as well as providing advice on how to reduce the risk of your will being challenged by someone after your death.

We will also work with you to choose your Executors / Trustees and discuss the practical requirements and whether they will be readily able to carry out the many responsibilities expected of them.

Even after preparing your Will it can be necessary to review your Will particularly if your circumstances change such as marriage, divorce, the birth or death of spouse or children, or setting up a family trust or corporate structure.

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We are open and transparent in regard to our fees which will largely depend on the matter involved and the terms upon which you instruct us to act.  We provide fixed fee options for Wills and will honour such commitment unless you decide to vary your initial instructions at which point we will advise you of same and any likely increase in fees.

For simple straight-forward Wills we charge $650 inc GST for a single person and $990 inc GST for a couple.

For Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives we charge $400 inc GST per document.

We offer a 10% discount for all Pensioners.

If you need to amend your Will (as prepared by us) to reflect a change in your circumstances, in most cases, the fees are likely to be in the region of $250 – $350 inc GST.

Now is the time to make your Will
A Will is one of the single most important documents you can prepare in your lifetime.

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