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We represent our clients in both the Fair Work Commission and South Australian Employment Tribunal.

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Crescent Lawyers provide honest, intelligent & cost-effective advice in the following areas

We are experienced in preparing contracts both commercial and personal as well as providing contract advice.

This includes contractor and sub-contractor agreements, business contracts, employment agreements, reverse mortgage loan advice (see below), release and settlement deeds and confidentiality deeds.

We also provide practical advice on purported breach of contracts and terms and conditions as well as employment contract law – see Employment page.

The majority of superannuation funds provide Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”) cover, and those who have suffered a disability and meet the relevant TPD definition may be eligible to receive a lump sum under the policy.

We assist clients who have suffered a disability caused by a work injury, accident, hereditary disease or condition.

We ensure that the application is done right, and if necessary, liaise with treating doctors to ensure they have a proper understanding of the applicable definition before writing their medical attendant’s statement.

We assist clients in recovering debts as well as in some cases obtaining an award for payment of interest and legal costs. We also represent clients in defending an action or where a client has a counterclaim.

The debt recovery process involves two stages. Firstly, obtaining a Judgement from a Court, and secondly, commencing enforcement proceedings. In some cases, a caveat can be lodged, a charging order can be made to “charge” the property of a debtor or a garnishee order which requires a third party to pay the debtor’s money to you.

There are many types of debt recovery actions and legal costs can vary but we strive to provide the most cost-effective and timely solution.

When a person signs a contract to purchase land in South Australia, they would ordinarily be entitled to have two clear business days from the date of contract or receipt of a Form 1 (which is the later) to “cool off”.

Section 5 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act allows a purchaser to walk away from the contract with no legal obligation on them to settle. This does not apply to a successful bidder at an auction.

Agreeing to waive “cooling off” rights is essentially akin to auction conditions. It is a serious decision and legal advice is mandatory.

We provide prompt, intelligent advice at a reasonable cost on waiving “cooling off” rights.

Reverse Mortgage loans are a form of finance often used by persons with assets but limited income.

For example, a retiree may use their property as security for loans despite them not meeting the income requirements for a normal home loan product.

The interest rate on these loans is invariably higher than a standard home loan. Interest compounds until the loan is repaid (ie. interest on interest).

We advise clients on the nature and effect of Reverse Mortgage Loan contracts.

For all enquiries, Please contact the Principal Lawyer, Belal Moraby on 8312 7055.

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